Aap Ka Manoranjan company has been entertaining New England since 1993 and has an impeccable track record of quality and integrity. Aap Ka Manoranjan name is synonymous with Television shows, Indian movie exhibition in the theaters, live concerts and online resources.

We have produced over 600 hours of Television shows, screened over 500 movies and have sponsored over 70 live concerts in the last 17 years. Our on line ticket sales has been one of the most trusted ecommerce portal in the South Asian entertainment in New England. Our primary and only focus has been the Asian Indians in New England, as a result we have in-house access to large database of customers. We are in-touch with our customers on a regular basis thru eNewsletter and never misused resources at our disposal. We have helped many small businesses successfully market their services to the targeted Asian Indian community. Being a small business our-selves, we understand the economy of scale and are aware of various constraints of our clients. We have various mediums to spread the word to the affluent Asian Indian community of New England, some of these are described below.

Banner ads

Randomly chosen, displayed at the top of all pages

  • $3 per day, minimum 3 months
  • Banner ad size: 280 pixels (W) X 100 pixels (h)
  • File size cannot exceed 30 kb.
  • GIF or JPG format accepted.

Display ads - FIxed spot

(Various fixed spots available)

  • Fixed spot display ads are available in various sizes, please call for available options and rates.
  • GIF or JPG format accepted.
  • File size cannot exceed 30 kb.

Display ads - Randomly selected display in right column

These ads are displyaed in Right Advertisement column on all webpages.

$90.00 Per month / Min 3 months

eNewsletter Sponsorship

  • $100 per newsletter
  • eNewsletter is sent twice/three times a month to over 18,000 recipients in New England Area

Event/ Concert sponsorships

  • Varies according to event/concert scale. Please call 978 681 5678 for specific event/concert sponsorship rates.

Movie sponsorship

  • Please call 978 681 5678 for rates

Creative Specifications
Please select the type of technology you would like to use and accordingly follow the specifications.


  • HTML code should not exceed 3kb.
  • The total file size with images cannot exceed 13 kb.
  • Client side image maps in the creative are acceptable and must be hosted / provided by the client itself
  • All scripts in the HTML code must be active at the time of ad submission for validating / testing the ad HTML code.

Image Ad

  • Thumbnail images ads should be of size 150 pixels in width and 75 pixels in height with a resolution of 72 dpi.
  • Banner ads are available in various sizes, please call for available options.
  • GIF or JPG format accepted.
  • File size cannot exceed 13 kb.


  • File size cannot exceed 13 kb.
  • Please insert richmedia_click() instead of the click thru in the flash creative, for the tracking of click thru's through Adcept.
  • Please submit an image (JPG or GIF) to be served in case the user does not have flash installed. The kb size for the static image should be the same as the kb restriction for a normal image ad of the same size and shape.

Note: Please note that I-frames are being used all our web sites for served banners , hence there is a restriction on all creatives which exceed the specified dimension limit. Also, the resultant sites should be scripted to open in a new window.

For more information please contact us at: Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it